Game – Esqueleto Explosivo

Esqueleto Explosivo Slots

Imagine standing in a courtyard in the middle of Mexico. In front of you are five skeletons, each one playing a different musical instrument and each one actually having three skulls stacked on top of their body – what’s more, each of these skulls can sing..! Welcome to Esqueleto Explosivo, play once and you’ll never look at online slot games in the same way again!

The slot opens with a night scene looking over the Mexican mountain town, with local music blaring and fireworks lighting the sky. The scene scans across the town and ends up in the courtyard and you are ready to play. Graphically this game is excellent, the skulls acting as the symbols in the game. These skulls are differentiated by the coloured patterns on each skull, the varying number of teeth and the size of the moustache on each. When you hit spin, all the skulls currently in place will fall off the screen and be replaced by a whole set of new ones. When any of the skulls actually form a win line, they will start singing, and if you can keep a straight face I’d be amazed – this slot is incredibly amusing. It becomes even funnier when the ‘Golden’ Elvis like skull appears and explodes.

This slot doesn’t have a feature as such, all the action actually taking place during each spin; however with an exploding wild, dropping symbols and multipliers, you really don’t need an additional feature.

Set up and Play for Esqueleto Explosivo Slot

The 15 skulls at this game actually form something of a standard five reel slot, which has a slightly unusual 17 win lines. Unlike most other slots where you’ll pay per win line, here you’ll actually pay a total stake for each spin. You’ll win at this slot by landing 3 or more of each symbol on a win line. So far, it all seems standard, but this is the point where it all changes.

If you land a win two things will happen. Firstly the skulls forming the win line will start singing (turn the volume up and enjoy!). Then they will explode. Having exploded, the skulls above will fall into their place and new skulls will come in from above to fill any gaps. This could immediately lead to extra wins and each successive win leads to a higher multiplier, the size of the multiplier doubling each time. This means that should you gain 6 wins in a row at this stage; the multiplier will become a massive 32x.

The highest paying symbol in the game is the pink skull (complete with a rose in his teeth – I wasn’t sure it was a male until I spotted the moustache) which pays 2.5x your total spin amount. The green skull is worth 1.4x your total stake and the blue, orange and turquoise skulls pay 1.2x, 0.9x and 0.7x respectively. At first glance these win amounts seem quite small, but if you consider that a single spin could lead to multiple wins, each of these wins being subject to a larger multiplier, it becomes clear that the pay-outs are fitting.

There are a number of options at this slot – you’ll be able to play about with the sound settings and the game settings and set the auto play feature into action (up to an incredible 5,000 spins).

Esqueleto Explosivo Slot Exploding Wild Feature

Should the Golden Elvis like skull appear on the slot, this will act as a wild, meaning it will substitute for any other symbol to give you more wins. However, that is not all. This symbol will now explode – this explosion also taking out every symbol around it, so if in the centre of the slot it will explode 8 other symbols. These will now all be replaced and you could potentially gain another win – this win having the advantage of the next multiplier on the ladder.

Esqueleto Explosivo Slot Conclusion

This slot by Thunderkick is one of the most original and amusing slots I’ve ever come across. The moment you start playing you’ll be hooked and you’ll want to play again and again. The game is original and you won’t be able not to laugh when the Elvis skull appears, starts singing and then explodes every skull around it. No, this slot doesn’t have a Jackpot and it doesn’t actually have a feature outside of the main screen – but despite this, this slot still easily walks into my top ten. This is an outstanding slot; make sure that you check it out for yourself soon!

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