Game – Chinese Kitchen

Chinese Kitchen Slot

There are many mysteries in the world that have yet to be solved. One of those very mysteries is the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. Often we hear of wild storms and strange occurrences taking place within this part of the world, with planes, boats, and plenty else disappearing without a trace as a result. Many pOnline casino slots have used some very common themes over the years. While some have opted for pure glitz and glamour, others have gone down the oriental route. Considering, that these themes have been used so often, you could be forgiven for growing tired of them. That is understandable, as no one attempts to bring a new twist to a tired genre. However, Chinese Kitchen adds some spice to a bland recipe.

Attempting to create something that is both fresh and familiar, does Chinese Kitchen represent the perfect casino slots recipe? We’ve looked to find out…

Cooking up a storm

What the backdrop of Chinese Kitchen represents is the workspace of what looks to be a professional chef. Everything is organised as one would expect from a master of the kitchen. The reels take up most of the screen, allowing the player to focus in on the main action when required. The images are drawn with exquisite handiwork, taking the form of some rather interesting dishes. To the right of that, we can see our chef hard at work, as there is an awesome animation of steam rising. This is all done to capture the kitchen theme and it does so wonderfully well. When it comes to appearance, it is evident that Playtech have knocked it out of the park with Chinese Kitchen.

Flavour to savour

The interface is great! It is a ton of fun to play due to how well everything functions. First off, the animations for the slots are great, along with the sound effects that play when a reel combination lands. The images are black and white until the reels decide to stop spinning. To the right of the reels, under our genius chefs, is the information that will be used to help you during your games. The information displayed is as follows; Win, Bet and Line Bet. Under the reels, you can find the buttons used to play this game. You will be able to adjust your bet, access the pay table, max bet, and spin.

A tasty dish

When push comes to shove, Chinese Kitchen is a great casino slots game. While it may only have three reels and eight paylines, it makes fantastic use of what’s at hand. It is not set up like your normal slots game that’s for sure; if anything this game may remind you of Sudoku. It is set up in 3×3 fashion, with players able to mix and match paylines as they please.

If you are wondering what’s best to get the most ‘bang for your buck’, you will want to get 3 turtles, as they are the symbols that carry the most value. The order of high to low is as follows, turtle, snail, crab, frog, duck, fish, caterpillar, octopus, and finally starfish.

Takeaway food

There is a special feature in Chinese Kitchen that you may not find in other casino games. What casino game feature are we speaking of? Well, we’re talking about mobile gaming. Mobile gaming is important in today’s world, especially since there are many people walking around with smart phones nowadays. Unlike other slot games that have been simply ported to the small screen, Chinese Kitchen has been independently adapted and it shows. No matter where you are, you can now enjoy Chinese Kitchen from wherever there is a stable Internet connection.

Feeling full

Chinese Kitchen will be a feature of many top casinos for years to come, largely as it is such a joy to play. On the surface it is a beautifully drawn game, with a well thought out design and theme. It should also be noted that the game is effortlessly easy to play, which will allow for everyone to pick up and play.

On top of that, you get to play this game anywhere, as it comes to complete with truly versatile mobile casino variation. On the road or at home, you will be able to enjoy all that Chinese Kitchen puts on the menu. There are many different possibilities to win, which you can ensure will happen during your time in the kitchen. There are many different Chinese based slots games out there; that is pretty much common knowledge, but this game is not like anything that has come before. It is different from the rest, going above and beyond just being another cookie cutter release.

Playtech has pulled this game out of left field, but there is no denying that Chinese Kitchen is a winner.

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