Game – Bell Wizard

Bell Wizard Slot

There is no doubt about it; slots really are the most versatile form of casino game in the world today. At first, slots were only accessible in land-based casinos, which you more often than not had to travel to. Nowadays, you can play casino games from the comfort of your own home. Ever since web-based play debuted, slots have been made by the truckload. Problem is, you don’t want to have to sort out through all the chaff in order to find the good titles to play, which shows just how expansive the slot game selection is in 2016.

Over the years we have a reviewed countless games, coming across a few classics in the process. With that experience in mind, we have a new game to recommend, in the form of Bell Wizard, a title that heads your way courtesy of up and coming online casino software developer Wazdan.

With the Flick of a Wand

Bell Wizard looks like a fantasy novel brought to life, as it has some notably “adventurous” visual elements. We are deep in some of the darkest woods in this game, with black vines growing in the background. Players will find themeselves caught in a green aura, which is lit up by fireflies. Thank those little creatures the game carries some additional depth.

The title banner looks brisk, as it has a gold texture to it with a bell hanging off the ‘W’. The framework of the reels is just as magical, as you can see orbs and crystals within it, along with shrubbery growing around it.

Not Forgetting the Old Ways

Within the reels, you will see a throwback to the classic casino slot games of old, as you can see pears, watermelons, cherries, oranges, bar, double bar, triple bar, and a selection of bonus symbols. It should also be noted that Bell Wizard is rendered in HD, which makes the colours appear that much more vibrant on screen. Overall, this new Wazdan release looks top notch.

Magnificent Magic Made Easy

Everything that you will need in order to play Bell Wizard can be found at the bottom of the screen. On the very bottom row, you will find displays, which will contain all the information you need to read the game as it’s happening. These displays are for your total balance, winnings, and total bet.

Above these displays you will see an interface for lines, auto play, spin, max bet, and bet. You can adjust the bet and lines with the plus and minus symbol found next to their retrospective displays. Do not fret when you see the bet go up in intervals of nine. That was the design choice made by Wazdan, as the max bet leads up to 9.00 per bet. When it comes down to it, in Bell Wizard all you need to do is set your bet and then spin those reels.

Channeling the Spirit of Harry Potter

We have mentioned that this game looks fantastic and that it has the music to back those looks up. The music in Bell Wizard is enchanting, largely as it carries a very Harry Potter-esque vibe. When you win, you will see green lighting shoot across the top of the reels and strike the Bell Wizard banner. It is an impressive visual effect, which we absolutely loved quite frankly.

Like a Rabbit out of the Hat

While its not the game’s calling card by any means, that isn’t to say that Bell Wizard doesn’t have a few bonuses up its sleeve. You will have a wild symbol in the form of the jester to work with for starters. This jester will substitute for all symbols except the bell and the wizard. The bell is a special symbol, as it is the scatter symbol for this game. When you land three or more of these symbols, you will earn free spins. You can earn either 10, 15, or 20 free spins depending on the amount of scatters you land. During these free spins, the wizard will make his appearance and double your winnings.

Ring the Bell in Bell Wizard!

Bell Wizard is a simple premise for a casino slot, but Wazdan executes it rather well. The game looks astounding, as Wazdan has put plenty of care in order to make this game as presentable as possible. All in all, while not a bonus bonanza, this game still manages to deliver endless hours of online slots focused entertainment.

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