Game – Bar’s & 7’s

Bar’s & 7’s Slot Machine

Get behind the scenes and see how a virtual slot machine works from the inside thanks to Bars & 7s, a simple and fast-paced video slot game developed by Wazdan for players who like low-volatility slots and simple rules. Set in a steampunk universe, Bar’s & 7’s is probably one of the most straightforward games that we have gotten to test so far.

With 3 reels and 8 fixed paylines, Bar’s & 7’s is a no-nonsense slot game that focuses on the reels and still delivers a unique visual experience, just like most Wazdan slots. This game is just on the line between retro and ultra modern, so let’s check out what makes Bar’s & 7’s so memorable in our full review of the game.

Steampunk Fantasy

Bar’s & 7’s is designed like a retro slot game, with a big twist: a 3D steampunk universe that lets you have a look at the mechanisms that sustain the game itself. In the background, you will see the gears spinning, sparks flying and strange machines buzzing, all in unison to sustain the reels and command bar in the foreground.

Bar’s & 7’s is very steampunk and if you are a fan of the genre, like we happen to be, then you will love every single detail on the screen. A simple idea can sometimes translate into a memorable design, if executed well, and Wazdan is proving once again that they know how to design slot games.

Pure Retro Madness

The basic rules of Bar’s & 7’s literally could not be more simple. You have 3 reels and 8 fixed paylines in total, which implies that winning with vertical combinations is also possible here. Use the plus and minus buttons under the reels to choose a wager, from 0.10 to 100 credits per turn, and spin the reels once you are ready. Bar’s & 7’s also features the usual autospin game mode, in case you are in a bit of a hurry. The gamble feature, another Wazdan signature detail, consists of a simple double-or-nothing challenge that can allow you to double your latest reward instantly. To do so, just hit the 7 or Bar button, and see if you guessed right.

The low volatility of the game, coupled with the relatively high number of paylines, gives you high chances to score frequent wins. Note that there are also empty positions on the reels, just to spice things up a little. The 2 symbols available are, quite obviously, 7s and bar signs. This gives the game this retro, casino touch that many players love. Any combination of the same symbols is worth the value of your current wager, so you will have to prioritise quantity over quality in Bar’s & 7’s and try to score as many consecutive combinations as possible.

No Frills, All Wins

Bar’s & 7’s might be devoid of any kind of bonus feature, from free spins to wilds, and contain only 2 symbols, but it still is a very addictive slot game. Through this simplicity and low volatility, you have very good chances to score frequent wins and multiply them further thanks to the gamble game.

Bar’s & 7’s goes back to the original of gambling: pure luck. Here, you get to focus on the reels while enjoying a dynamic, 3D steampunk universe. And with a little patience and luck, you can really score big prizes.

Retro slots like Up to 7 from Merkur usually stick to a very retro graphic style too, which makes Bar’s & 7’s stand out even more on the market – and for all the good reasons.

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