Discover GameBeat’s Latest Innovations: STOLBIK 777 and FruitFellas Fortune Wheel

In the ever-evolving realm of iGaming, GameBeat has consistently emerged as a beacon of creativity and innovation. From their Belgrade base, this gaming juggernaut, founded in 2021, has transformed the online slots landscape with their unique blend of storytelling, cinematic experiences, and state-of-the-art technology. With the unveiling of their two new games, STOLBIK 777 and FruitFellas Fortune Wheel, GameBeat is set to redefine gaming once again.

Delve into the Post-Soviet Era with STOLBIK 777

STOLBIK 777 is more than just a game – it’s a journey back in time. This slot transports players to the post-Soviet era, capturing the essence of the 90s-00s in CIS countries. GameBeat’s attention to detail shines brightly here, painting a vivid and atmospheric scene complete with grey, depressive landscapes, and grumpy individuals indicative of the period. The nostalgic vibe of the classic slot machine from the 90s-00s is beautifully melded with modern-day gaming mechanics, offering players a chance to win x10000 from a bet.

The unique design and theme of STOLBIK 777 showcase GameBeat’s commitment to breaking away from the traditional. Unlike their previous releases, which were characterized by bright and cartoonish graphics, STOLBIK 777 offers a darker, more immersive experience.

Experience the Glamour of the 30s with FruitFellas Fortune Wheel

On the flip side, GameBeat introduces players to the FruitFellas Fortune Wheel. This game rejuvenates the classic fruit-themed slots, giving them a noirish and dangerous twist. Here, fruits take on a persona of their own – they’re not just symbols; they’re characters from the 30s era of gang wars and black-and-white cinema.

With 20 lines packed with multipliers and additional gambling features, the FruitFellas Fortune Wheel is a feast for both the eyes and the wallet. The RTP stands at 96.39%, and its medium-high volatility promises thrilling gameplay. GameBeat’s signature touch is evident in the game’s sound design, which transports players to the 30s, immersing them in an era of opulence and intrigue.

The info about the game:
Game id: fruitfellas-fortune-wheel
Lines: 20
RTP 96.39% Medium-High
Max Win: x5000
Gift spins: Available
Release date: 16.10.2023

Why GameBeat Stands Out

GameBeat’s rise in the iGaming industry is no accident. Their commitment to crafting immersive experiences is evident in their portfolio. Titles like Frog Space Program, Xiao’s Treasures, and Buffalo Dale showcase their prowess. Furthermore, their dedication to ensuring seamless gaming is unparalleled. The use of HTML5 with WebGL programming allows for smooth gameplay across all platforms. Their in-house graphics engine ensures high FPS performance, rapid game loads, and optimal battery consumption.

For those looking to stay updated with GameBeat’s latest offerings and news, a visit to their newly revamped website and a follow on their LinkedIn is a must. GameBeat isn’t just setting trends; they’re crafting the future of online gaming.