What Is The Best Strategy For Crazy Time ?


If you are wondering ” What Is The Best Crazy Time Strategy? ” you are on the right place.


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Checking regularly the statistic tab of the game is the essence of that betting system. That could be considered as both long and short game strategy, depending on timing and your personality as a player.

Every experienced player knows that all the games goes hot and cold at some point. Regularly checking the history tab could get you an idea about the average payouts in real time.

If the bonus games are hitting often, let’s say more frequently than each 6 spins, we think the game is warm enough to make bets around the bonus sectors for the next 3 – 4 spins or whatever number of spins you decide will work for you.

On the other side, if the average is below 6 spins, then we suggest it will be better for you to be patient and wait. Patience is another important part of turning to an experienced player. So if you could wait for a time where a bonus hasn’t been hit for example in 10-15 spins, then maybe this will be your strategy that could quite easy pay you.


It is absolutely impossible to talk about betting strategies without mention the Martingale System. There might be countless different betting systems that players have tried through the years, but Martingale is definitely one of the most popular and used.

Taking that one to Crazy Time requires 2 main points – a big enough balance and nerves to keep it till the end.

Martingale strategy in Crazy Time in practice could look like that:

Placing bets on all bonus games only with 1 unit. For example if 1 unit is 1€, that means that the total bet will be 4€. Following the basic rules of Martingale, if a bonus segment lands on the wheel then it will be payed out and the process will start again with the same bet. If for some reason the wheel lands on another numbered segment, the system requires to make a double of that bet for as many round until it lands on a bonus game.

So let’s see in numbers how this strategy will look for 6 spins:

1st round – 1€ on each bonus sector- 4€ stake – total loss of 4€

2nd round – 2€ on each bonus sector – 8€ stake – total loss of 12€

3rd round – 4€ on each bonus sector – 16€ stake – total loss of 28€

4th round – 8€ on each bonus sector – 32€ stake – total loss of 60€

5th round – 16€ on each bonus sector – 64€ stake – total loss of 124€

6th round – 32€ on each bonus sector – 124€ stake – total loss of 248€ or bonus won

As you can see this strategy could be extremely expensive. It can really melt balance quick. This is one of the reasons for not being the most loved one, especially if you get in a 10+ spins bonus dry session.

According to our personal experience and example above, working only on the average of a bonus every 6 spins and playing with a stake of up to 32€, means that hitting anything higher than 16X will bring a profit to you.


The idea of the Lowest Risk betting strategy is built around the goal of keeping the balance while waiting to hit some big win from the bonus games. It is suitable for calm players that have a lot of patience. The bets cover 83,28% of the wheel so the hit-rate is obviously high, although most of the hits only covers it and counts as a cash back of the original wager.

That Crazy Time betting strategy as you can see from the numbers below is more appropriate for players that really prefer to sit back and relax while just extend the playing time. Of course there is a potential for big wins, but with the safety small bets it could really take a lot of time or luck to make it real.

Here is how exactly the Lowest Risk Strategy looks in numbers. As we have already mentioned before, the size of the Unit is up to you.

Bet size – 10 Units, wheel covered – 83,28%.

Crazy Time Lowest Risk Betting Strategy


This Crazy Time betting strategy is another one that still provides more safety than risk, but is a little bit different from the LOWEST RISK – Crazy Time Betting Strategy mentioned above. As you could see from the numbers below the Low risk betting strategy covers less of the wheel segments, but adds units to the most common sectors. The possibility of hit is approximately 3 out of 4 spins. So no matter that it actually covers less, it has great potential as it really keeps the starting balance and the possibility of winning big is increased.

Check out the Low Risk – Crazy Time Betting Strategy in numbers:

Bet size – 12 Units, wheel covered – 74,1%.

Low Risk Crazy Time Betting Strategy


That Crazy Time betting strategy is one of the most popular through players of Crazy Time Live. With the covering of almost 63% of the wheel it really gives both safety (with earnings from often hitting) and pleasure (coming from a chance of big wins). We at gambler.ninja could recommend it as one of the most entertaining way that really keeps the balance between joy of playing time and real wins. Compared to the low risk strategies you could see from the numbers below how different it looks, replacing the stake to the ones with high value. It is also nice to upgrade once you have tried the low risk ones.

Check out the Medium Risk – Crazy Time Betting Strategy in numbers:

Bet size – 14 Units, wheel covered – 63%.

Crazy Time Betting Strategy Medium Risk


The High Risk Crazy Time betting strategy is another level up – speaking about progress of the risk. By our opinion it is more suitable for more experienced players, that already have found out how exactly Crazy Time Live game show works and feel comfortable with that. That betting type covers 50% of the wheel. It actually adds bigger potential for big wins which is a bit bigger compared to the previous ones. As you can imagine coming from the name, it is a little bit risky removing bets from the most common Sector1. The essence here is not safety, but possibility of big wins.

Here is how the system High Risk – Crazy Time Betting Strategy looks in numbers:

Bet size – 15 Units, wheel covered – 48.2%.

High Risk Crazy Time Betting Strategy


As you could probably guess from the name of that Crazy Time Betting Strategy it is based on removing all the bets from the safe and common 1 and 2 sectors and added the maximum potential only to the big wins. This betting type is not recommended to players that prefer safety , but to the ones that really live to chase big payouts only and extreme impressions.

The difference here is that it actually covers all the bonus game sectors increasing the potential of really big hits. Here below you could check how it looks in numbers:

Bet size – 20 Units, wheel covered – 37.1%.

Crazy Time Betting Strategy Highest Risk


By our opinion this is Crazy Time Betting Strategy is one of the most risky ones, but also the most exiting of all strategies mentioned above. As you could probably guess coming from its name it is one of the most popular through online casino streamers. The difference here is the goal of playing. While most people have different purposes, streamers are here to entertain the viewers and sometimes do things that regular players could never afford to do.

We at gambler.ninja couldn’t recommend that strategy to players that doesn’t like risks, but only to the ones who actually can afford and really goals only big wins and great fun. Here is the strategy itself:

Bet size – 10 Units, wheel covered – 16.7%.

Crazy Time Betting Strategy STREAMER

As you can see covering only bonus games brings another level of risk but also entertainment. As we mentioned already streamers goal is exactly that – entertain the others. So be careful if you wish to step in their feet. Make sure your balance is strong enough to handle the experience.


As we have spent really long time in spinning the wheel of Crazy Time, our team has customized its own Crazy Time Betting Strategy, considered as one holding the balance between safety and fun betting system. We could recommend it to all kind of players both new and experienced one. It really could keep your balance, it brings the opportunity of big wins, everything is up to you and the size of the unit you are ready to risk. Here is how it looks like in numbers:

Bet size – 11 Units, wheel covered – 61,1%.

Gambler Ninja Crazy Time Betting Strategy


Having the basics of Crazy Time Live game show probably many of you have been asked themselves – “Do I need a strategy at all”? Isn’t it all about having fun and testing luck? We totally disagree. Knowing the basic rules and payouts is just the beginning. It could take many hours, days and weeks playing a game not only Crazy Time, but in general. Sometimes it could take thousands of spins before a big win. We at gambler.ninja team can assure you from our personal experience that it is really amazing when you first hit big. It is also very much possible to start winning series after that. But you also should be responsible and always be prepared not to expect big wins each time you play. It is really important, especially for not that experienced players to put a limit before starting any game.

We really understand how important is to have a strategy too. Also understanding the RTP of the game. Just for an example professional Blackjack players knows the 99% RTP of the game and using a proper strategy really can pay big to the experienced ones, even though the official statistic shows that most casinos make profit of 15%.

As all the other online casino games, Crazy Time RTP is calculated after a billion of spins and is an average. That means in general that some of the players might lose a lot from their starting balance, while others could end up with really big wins.

Unless you can afford that much time and money waiting for your lucky streak, be sure that you can keep your balance or at least haven’t lost too much. That is usually the best time to pick up a Crazy Time betting strategy from the mentioned above that suits your personality and goal best.