Crazy Time Bonus Secrets

Its the biggest question everyone always asks. Team green, blue or yellow? This decision can have a huge impact on your returns and there’s nothing worse than landing a 10x Crazy Time bonus while you have to watch double after double land on a segment you didn’t choose.

Lets explore the data we have collected from over 8,000 Crazy Time rounds and 12,000 wheel spins. Which team is coming out on top and which team has a comeback to prove.

Wheel Multipliers

First of all, lets have a look at the double and triple data for each segment:

We have a total pool of 11,962 unique crazy time bonus wheel spins collected at the time of writing this article.

  • The green segment has landed a total of 37 triples and 1,295 doubles giving it a total multiplier land percentage of 11.13%.
  • The blue segment has landed a total of 30 triples and 1,201 doubles giving it a total multiplier land percentage of 10.29%.
  • The yellow segment has landed a total of 30 triples and 1,281 doubles giving it a total multiplier land percentage of 10.96%.

Team green wins the best chance of landing a multiplier and team blue is currently running behind. Around 1 in every 3 wheel spins should see a multiplier land on one of the 3 segments.

Average Bonus Return

Next lets look at the overall multiplier chances for each segment and see which one has the best overall average.

  • The green segment has an average return of 50.23x including your returned bet.
  • The blue segment has an average return of 52.43x including your returned bet.
  • The yellow segment has an average return of 49.77x including your returned bet.

This gives an overall average of 50.81x bet from the Crazy Time bonus. This currently puts its all time RTP at 94.09%. Evolution Gaming reports the theoretical RTP at 94.41% for Crazy Time which puts the numbers extremely close.

Top Slot Multipliers

Finally lets dig into the top slot multipliers and how often they have successfully landed with Crazy Time and what the odds are for each.

We have now been tracking data on Crazy Time for many months and to date we have recorded a whopping 435,882 individual spins on this game alone. Each time the Crazy Time wheel spins a top slot randomly lands with a chosen segment, this can either be a number or a bonus game. Out of all of these spins the Crazy Time bonus has landed a total of 70,112 times giving it a healthy 16.08% chance to land on every spin. Out of the times it landed here are the statistics for each of the attached multipliers:

  • Miss: 15,983 times (22.79%)
  • 2x: 17,613 times (25.12%)
  • 3x: 15,409 times (21.97%)
  • 4x: 7,066 times (10.07%)
  • 5x: 6,893 times (9.83%)
  • 7x: 3,499 times (4.99%)
  • 10x: 1,452 times (2.07%)
  • 15x: 887 times (1.26%)
  • 20x: 753 times (1.07%)
  • 25x: 377 times (0.53%)
  • 50x: 180 times (0.25%)

So now you know that every time the Crazy Time bonus segment lands on the top slot you have around a 1 in 400 chance to land that 50x multiplier. Given that the wheel itself has 54 segments and the crazy time segment lands in the top slot around 16% of the time we can therefore estimate that once in every 135,000 spins on Crazy Time will yield a 50x Crazy Time bonus. So far we have only had 3 Crazy Time 50x bonuses land over the course of our tracking and 435,882 total spins tracked which would mean another one could be due to hit again soon.


Even though the green segment had higher multiplier land statistics this did not equate to a better overall average win. This is likely due to the fact that the top slot numbers have a much bigger overall affect on the payouts than the wheel multipliers do. Over time each segment should return exactly 50.98x. Based on our analysis above it seems like the yellow segment has the most room to move to get to this average.

Based on our estimate the larger multiplier bonuses seem to have a very large range so using our data to try and time one may be a mistake. That being said we are slightly behind on where we should be given the averages of the top slot and segment results so we think the Crazy Time bonus is one you should always stick a few pennies on at least.

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source: tracksino