What is Casino Bonus? Types of Casino Bonuses Explained.

Casino Bonuses Explained

What is casino bonus? Online Casinos has become hugely popular, and there’s one reason why it’s gained extra popularity – the Casino Bonuses. Unlike land-based casinos, online sites are able to offer players lucrative bonuses and promotions that can really boost your bankroll.

Casino bonuses are essential part of playing at online casinos. A good casino can increase your chances of leaving with a profit.

When you join a new casino, you will earn a bonus as a gift for signing up. The welcome bonus is just the beginning of a great adventure. Top online casinos will offer a bag of other bonuses and promotions that have one goal – boost your bankroll and make you stick around.

Since the competition is vast, casinos keep introducing all kinds of bonuses to attract new players and expand their user base.

However, online casinos will differ dramatically. The biggest bonus isn’t always the best casino bonus and may have ridiculous requirements attached to it. Larger casino bonuses usually means increased wagering requirements and, in some cases, max withdrawal limits. So you will need to know what to look for to find the best casino bonuses out there.

What is Casino Bonus? Types of Casino Bonuses

One benefit of playing casino games online is the availability of casino bonuses as a new customer. At land-based casinos, customers may be offered free alcohol and food, but rarely are they given free money to gamble with unless they’re high rollers. There are many different type of bonuses on the iGaming market and the type which you can claim will usually depend on a number of factors including where you live and thus the licensing jurisdiction you come under, the deposit method used, of course, the online casino where you play at.

There are two main types of bonuses: those which you have to make a deposit in order to gain, and those you can get without doing so.

  • Sticky / Non-Sticky Bonuses
  • Deposit bonuses include match deposit bonuses, cashback and reloads
  • No deposit bonuses include free spins, small bonus cash offers-Sticky Bonuses

The MOST commonly found casino bonus option is the deposit bonus. In order to get this bonus, you will need to sign up to the casino and then make a deposit. The amount you need to deposit will depend on the casino – there’s always a minimum. Deposit bonuses can also be affected by the payment method you use. In some cases, you may be required to add a code to claim.  

Sticky / Non-Sticky. What is Sticky and Non-Sticky Casino Bonus?

Casino bonuses can generally be grouped into sticky and non-sticky.

A STICKY BONUS is a bonus that the player will not be able to withdraw from the online casino.

NON-STICKY BONUS means that a player will be able to withdraw his initial deposit as well as any winnings made from this deposit, without having to fulfill any wagering requirements or bonus terms.

In other words, the bonus and the deposit are kept separated – not “sticking” together. Many people prefer this type of bonus because it is less complicated and because they get to cash out their bonus money and make a healthy little profit.

Does this means that sticky bonuses are less advantageous to non- sticky bonuses and that players should avoid them?

Sticky bonuses are excellent since you get to begin your game with a huge start up balance. Sticky bonuses will offer you a whole lot more money than a normal bonus and often provide 200% to 500% matches on your initial deposit. This increases your chances of raking in some big wins.

Welcome / Matched Casino Deposit Bonus

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Horus Casino Welcome Bonus

The welcome / matched bonus is one of the most commonly found online casino bonuses.  As the name suggests, a matched casino bonus means that your deposit will be matched a %, usually in the form of 50% or, more rarely, 500%. Welcome bonuses can be split, some casinos will only offer a single welcome bonus that’s attached to the first deposit you make. Other casinos will spread this deposit across a number of deposits. Often these deposits will have different percentages available for each part of that bonus.

No Deposit Casino Bonuses

These bonuses truly give you a gaming experience completely for free.
It’s a great way for you as a player to explore the casino and get a feel for what it has to offer before making your own deposit, plus it gives you the chance to win some money without any risk.  Once the registration process has been completed and your account verified, the bonus is usually added to your account automatically.

No deposit bonuses aren’t completely without a catch though, there are always some wagering requirements attached. Some of these bonuses are also sticky, however, many are completely free with no requirements at all.

There are usually a couple of different no deposit bonus options available when you join a casino, and these include:

  • Free spins for specific slot games
  • Free bonus credit to use on any casino game

Free spins are the most popular bonus option. When they’re part of a no deposit bonus, then usually only a small number, around ten, are offered for use on a specific slot.

The only major downside to taking on free spins is that they are usually only applicable to a specific slot game. If you get free spins on a slot you don’t want to play, unfortunately that’s just tough.

Bonuses For Those Who Stay On

Good casinos have additional bonuses that are awarded to loyal players long after they were new. Doing so, casinos are able to encourage repeated visits to their site while keeping you happy. Commonly casinos will offer reload bonuses when you make another deposit into your account.

The difference between this and the welcome match deposit relates simply to how much you are playing, winning and depositing at the casino. Usually, the percentage match that you are offered, and the maximum deposit you can make, are actually calculated on the basis of how much you deposited in the time-frame leading up to the reload. In short, the more you deposit, the more you will get.

High Roller and Banking Bonuses

VIP or high roller players are important for the casino, so they are catered too. In most cases, the style of the bonus is exactly the same, i.e. there are match deposit options and no deposit options. However, the differences lie in how much money is deposited and how much is matched. High rollers tend to make larger single deposits; however, casinos will generally only match these at lower percentages such as 50%.

Players also gets additional bonuses depending on the banking method they are using.

Loyalty Programs

Many casinos will have loyalty programs in place. Now, these are not just aimed at high rollers and VIPs, but for all players joining in the site. Most casinos will have the loyalty program available for free, and as soon as you start playing with real money you will be added to that program, joining on the bottom tier. By playing with real money, you will earn points from the casino.

As you accrue these points from real-time gaming, you will go up the tiers. Each loyalty program will have a specified number of tiers, each with a point goal to reach before you can move on to the next level. Some casinos will also offer a bonus shop where you can exchange points received for some extra prizes or goodies. The higher up the levels you go, the better the prizes will be.

Cashback Bonuses

When you play in an online casino, there’s a great chance that you’ll win some and lose some money too. Wouldn’t you like to get a bonus that covers your losses? That’s exactly what cashback bonuses do.

Casino sites usually shell them out on a daily, weekly, or monthly bases. Of course, you shouldn’t expect them to cover all your losses – it will probably be something in the 20 %-30 % range. The bonus credit will most likely need to be wagered, so read the requirements before you get your hands on it.

Referral Bonuses

Players who spread the word about a particular casino and introduce new players to the platform often get referral bonuses. In other words, every time you use your link to attract a new player who makes a deposit, the casino will provide you with a reward in the form of bonus money.