The Most Popular Casino Myths

casino myths
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Most people that believe in common sense and science usually would take gambling superstitions as casino myths or misconceptions both regarding online and land-based casinos. Actually that thoughts have always been around gamblers, especially those with strong beliefs in bad fortune and lucky numbers. Anyway no matter that these casino superstitions are really easy to debunk, we at decided it will be interesting reading to share them with you. So listed below you could find the most popular online gambling misconceptions. Each of you will have a choice whether to believe them and rely on them during your gaming experience, or these myths and superstitions deserve to be just ignored. The whole point of our team research having this article prepared for you was not to change your gameplay reactions and behaviors due to those myths, but just to get an idea about their existence. By our experts opinion here are the most insane online casino superstitions of the last years. Check them out.

Lucky and Unlucky Casino Games

One of the most popular misconceptions any player can believe is existing of lucky and unlucky games, machines, or lobbies. According to that thought, they believe it is more financially convenient to play one game over another relying on luck. The same thought is being turned to live dealers who are usually connected when players don’t feel lucky or loose to be playing rigged and dirty.

Unfortunately, we will have to prove that wrong, and no matter how strong your beliefs are regarding this superstition, no online casino can actually afford to be rigged in 2021. All games are running by technology and software and are being strictly monitored and checked by independent regulators. That means the industry has progressed considerably to provide totally secure and pure clean gambling environment to gamblers, especially regarding payouts. Our advice is that you should better forget about lucky dealers or games since all odds and payout schemes vary, and try to avoid personal aspects when gamble.

Lucky Numbers

Another popular myth talking about gambling super fictions is of course the existence of lucky numbers. This myth is especially relevant for all table game fans, including one of the most popular as Roulette, Poker, Baccarat, and Blackjack. If a player focuses most of the attention tracking all those imaginary lucky numbers of his, gameplay’s quality lowers significantly. Except for decreased excitement you can get from the game, you should be aware that no particular numbers actually affect casino outcomes.

To be completely clear, here is an example. Betting on “13” or “7” all the time is the same as wagering on “30” or “12.” Since the outcomes don’t change in all games you play, it is virtually useless to count on the so-called “lucky” numbers during the game. Our advice is, instead of getting focused on those myths and thoughts about lucky numbers, start reading more about payout systems used in online gaming titles. Take your time, and get more insights regarding actual gameplay strategies, relying on Maths and Statistics about games Odds and RTP’s.

Deposit Fraud

During the last few years, online providers have really progressed significantly, offering a top level of experience and security. Alongside with trusted and experienced brands, newcomers to the online gambling field started to compose theories regarding the welcome bonuses. Some of those theories sounds really superstitions and blames all gambling platforms offering welcome bonuses are rigged and are not paying out their users’ winnings. Players who believe that theory intentionally seek online casinos with low or no promotions to start their gaming experience with.

The ugly truth about that superstition is that those gamblers are too lazy to read carefully the casino’s T&Cs. Actually all the leading gambling platforms have listed precisely all requirements needed to be complete to withdraw winnings and all details according playing with bonus money. This is one of the reasons we at team always advise our readers regularly to check the T&C’s sections for any updates, especially the ones related to the payments. This article will help players always to check all relevant information regarding the welcome bonus of any online casino, ignoring every thought for a fraud regarding any online casino brand.

Starting High

Another common myth especially to the new players is to stick to a particular deposit amount like €50 or €100. This superstition is tightly connected with the previous ones since it relies upon particular numbers believed to boost a win rate. Unfortunately the exact deposit amount is of no importance for any online casino. There is no diference whether you will start playing with as few as €5 or cash-in €2,000.

The thoughts behind those numbers hides players believe that an exact sum of deposit would help them win. A significant flaw of this approach is that no particular numbers are regarded as lucky or fortunate. The good news about online casino platforms is that some accept as little as a €1 deposit transaction. Sometimes it might be an inconvenience to find a balanced and suitable €1 or €2 minimum deposit casino right now. So we at team are here to help you make the right choice with our thrusted casino reviews. Take your time to read those articles to get a clear picture of how deposits work for different brands, and realize that €50 or €100 deposit is no more than a superstition.

Lucky Charms

There is a solid category of gamblers who truly believe in fortunate outfits or specific symbols and are capable of even get engaged during online gameplay. For those players, wearing a lucky outfit or bringing a four-leaf clover is the best decision to attract a big win. Probably those kinds of actions could be justified in a land-based casino in the past, but online casinos are not the case for wearing a specific outfit or a lucky charm in general.

The way modern slot machines, table games, and other specialty titles work have nothing in common with the way you are dressed. This is the reason to expect the same payout holding a four-leaf clover or your lucky t-shirt. It might finally be the right time to disregard all those gambling Myths but start having fun and just play.

Casino Myths – Final Thoughts

Writhing this article we just mentioned the most popular casino superstitions that some people still believe and rely during their gameplay. By our expert opinion each of those myths has nothing in common with how real gambling works, and we think you should be aware of this fact. Just remember that gambling is all about fun, excitement, and unexpected outcomes. Instead of worrying about particular numbers, outfits, or lucky charms, better read casino guides or reviews carefully. The information you’d find there is undoubtedly more useful than anything else.

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