Slot – Kingdom of Legend

Kingdom of Legend Slot Machine

Kingdom of Legend is an action-packed video slot from respected games developer Novomatic. Fire it up and an epic soundtrack will immediately begin to play, letting you know that you’re about to embark on the mother of all quests. Your characters will be risking life and limb in their pursuit of greatness, while you’ll simply be obliged to risk your bankroll as you sink it into this 5-reel slot with the hope of leaving clutching more moolah than you started out with.

The game unfolds within a 5×4 layout, providing plenty of screen real estate to gaze at. There are 40 lines in all and the bet per line can be set at anywhere from 1 to 250. This allows for a maximum bet of 10,000 and a maximum pay out of 250x your stake.

There’s a bonus game built in and wild symbols to collect, but no scatter. There is a double gamble feature though, allowing the bold to take modest wins and turn them into something more substantial, the slots gods willing.

A Legend on Your Own Pay Line

Thematically, Kingdom of Legend scrapes together the motifs that run through scores of video slots, combining them into one action-packed adventure. Elves, dwarves, orcs and other fictional creatures surface on the reels, all chain-mailed up and ready to wage war on anyone who has the temerity to so much as glance at them twice.

There’s also the odd elf maiden, to keep things fresh. The reels come to a halt with a satisfying clang, while fire flashes in the background and any wins are lit up in a gilt-edged line.

Behind the reels, two stout stone pillars frame the action with a Grecian looking statue thrown in for good measure. Novomatic have deliberately made the game’s historical placing ambiguous, but there are elements of Greek and Roman mythology included here with a dash of Lord of the Rings.

Battle for Bonuses

Any time you score a win in the game, even if it’s just 3 low value matching symbols, you can activate the gamble feature in an attempt to double your winnings. Guess the color of the next card that appears, black or red. The previous 5 cards are displayed on screen for your benefit, though in truth their colors have no bearing on what the color of the next card may be. If you guess wrong, you’ll lose all of the winnings you’ve just earned on the reels.

Pay Table

The playing card symbols, which traditionally occupy the lower values on a pay table, are uniformly worth a mere 8 for 3 in a row, rising to 4 for 4 in a row and 200 for 5.

Five of the game’s warrior protagonists, however, are worth a more respectable 400 for 5, while at the top of the pile, the female elf is worth 500 for 5. The wild symbol is played by a hooded man with a bulbous nose; wild will substitute for any of the regular playing symbols.

Special Features

While the basics to winning at Kingdom of Legend need no explanation, there are a few deft touches built into this game that elevate it above your average run-of-the-mill slot. For example, listen out for the orc, who is prone to appearing following a losing spin.

Should he materialize, your fortunes are poised to change for the better, for the orc has the power to grant a bonus worth up to 500x your total bet. Alternatively, he may activate the bonus wheel, where there are major (and minor) prizes to be won.

In regular play, the bonus wheel is activated by matching two distinctive symbols on the reels. Each of these forms half of the wheel and only when the 2 are side by side will the bonus wheel be activated. There are 2 pairs of bonus wheels to watch out for, either of which may appear during a single spin. Each separate bonus wheel contains its own distinct bonuses.

Once you launch the bonus wheel, it’s simply a case of spinning it and seeing what kind of a prize you turn up. You could receive 10 free spins, a cash multiplier worth up to 30x your total bet or a shot on the super wheel, whose top prize is 1,000 your maximum bet.

Kingdom of Legend is a mighty entertaining game from Novomatic that crams in a number of interesting features and bonuses. The music’s mighty, the graphics are good and the game play is extremely satisfying.

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