Every casino game fan, no matter of his preferences, has tried at least once the slot games. Slots in general are the most popular casino games both in online and land based casinos all over the world. These games use computer based systems, which generate wins randomly in a particular period of time. Some people really hit big here. That’s what makes slot games so popular. But most of them usually don’t.

No matter if you are new or experienced player, if you are a slot, roulette, poker or some other games fan, there is always a way to walk out as a winner, as long as you follow some basic rules and tips. We at team are always here to support and guide you, so keep reading.

Make a research

One of the most important things before starting to gamble is of course to make a research. Make sure that the online casino you have chosen is trusted and offers the best bonuses and games. The easiest way to do that is read some reviews especially the ones coming from experienced players and trusted websites. Don’t forget to check out our section with online casino reviews at (link casino reviews).

Next step is to pick up a game that you like and has been rated high scores from other players. Again google can help you do that part. Try the free ones first. You can find one of the best selection of free slots at our website (link free slots).

Once you got familiar with the basic rules, the RTP (returned to players %) and what to expect and tasted the feeling of winning, you can always turn to the cash versions. And real fun is one step closer.

Never count on luck only

It is true that when it comes to slots the winning part depends on chance. But it doesn’t mean that you can afford to be distracted even for a second. Just the opposite, you really need to stay focused and watch the game carefully all the time. If the luck covers you and you are in a winning series, then bet more. If the game is cold, better lower it down, or stop for a while. You will get an idea even with the first few spins. If the luck is not on your side, maybe the better idea will be to try again tomorrow.

Avoid progressive slots

Really, especially if you are not that experienced player already, try to stay away from these teasers. They could be really exciting for players playing high rolls and have respectful starting balance. These slots add your bet to the jackpot and allow you to get any win only if you have made a max bet. So if you prefer to learn slowly and keep your bets low, progressive slots are not the best option for you.

Change your bet if you win

One of the basic gambling rules is that your bet should be equal to your balance. Make sure never to bet more than 1% of it as this is the only sure way to lose it really fast. The slot game you have chosen should be also matching your balance – min or max bet.

This tip for example could look like this in practice. If your starting balance is 100 units, we recommend your bet to be 1 unit. If you start winning, increase it at 1,20 units per spin. If your balance keeps rising, higher than 120 unit, keep betting high progressively until you are winning.

The simply games got the highest coefficient

If you belong to that group of players that don’t have that great starting balance, it is better to search for the most simple slot games. Usually these are the 1 to 3 wining line games, or try to limit them if the game rules allows it. When you lower the number of winning lines from 10 to1 you actually increase the volatility from 5 to 10 times. Just an example if you bet 2 units on 1 line the average profit will be much higher than if you bet like 0.20 units on 10 lines. When you place a bet on 10 lines at the same time the possibility to win is 10 times smaller.

Get the best welcome bonus

Online business these days is a high competitive area. IGaming is not an exception of it. While there are too many online casinos, players can make their best choices comparing different welcome bonus packages with the best numbers of free spins or special deposit or no deposit deals. So you can make a choice by picking the casino with most generous welcome package or bonuses for regular players.

Of course always check out the wagering requirements first, so no unpleasant surprises will ruin your gaming experience.

Always pick up slots with high volatility

Usually the risk of a game defines its volatility. If a slot game’s volatility is low, the winnings are frequent but smaller. On the other side if you play a game with high volatility, you can really hit big, but that happens rarely.

Playing a slot game with low level of volatility is safe, but not that fun as you cannot expect that big wins there. High volatility slot games are more risky, but more exciting as well. You never know how much time or money will cost you to hit the big jackpot, but once you do, nothing could compare to that experience.

The smart bet strategy

Betting smart is easy if you know and follow the basic rules of responsible gambling. The strategy of Smart Bet is based on betting until you reach a particular amount of profit. You start with a small bet and once you hit, then double the bet. It is up to you if you’d like to continue with doubles while hitting or not. The point here is to walk out if you start losing till the level of the starting balance or reach the determined in advance level of profit. Of course doubling the bet could be risky and might not get to an instant win always. Usually there is 50% possibility for that. That’s why putting a limit before start is really important and never continue playing when it is no more fun.

If you really hit big

First important thing required if you really hit big is stay calm. Self-control is really an essence when it comes to responsible gambling. Never do the mistake to bet all in if you really win an enormous amount. The expert opinion in cases like that is the most common mistake that all addicted players do in more than 90%. Once they hit a jackpot from a slot game, they bet all in and usually loose. Our team advice is to split the balance, withdraw 50% and keep playing with the rest money.

Guaranteed win

The guaranteed win playing slot games really exists. It is called NEVER PLAY. This is the only way that guarantees you that you will never lose a cent. 100% sure. Playing slots full time and waiting for frequent income is something that you definitely shouldn’t plan. Because slots don’t work like that. They are invented for fun only. So never forget that.

Follow the basic gambling rules, always play smart and bet only the money you can afford to lose.

So play slots but never forget to have fun at first place!


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