Probably for many of you, the words “Bonus Hunt” usually associates with the chasing of bonus offers in the ocean of online casinos. Or it may be when a player tries to get as many bonuses in a slot game as possible. In this article, we are going to present you with a slightly different meaning of the phrase. Of course it still associates with triggering bonuses. But to make it simple, playing Bonus Hunt means collecting several bonus features with free spins on different online slots and open them one by one, watching what every different bonus spin brings.
Bonus Hunt is a quite new concept started in 2016. Its founders are streamers from popular Twitch and YouTube channels. For those who are not familiar with the term: streaming is a process of live watching a video or listening to music instead of downloading it for later usage. Twitch and YouTube are among the most popular streaming platforms. People who live stream their video gameplay or, in this case, online casino live play, are called streamers.

Online casino streamers often practice Bonus Hunting. That provides their viewers excitement, and it usually attracts a lot new fans . Sometimes, the streaming channel announces the upcoming Bonus Hunt in the community’s forum. This is how casino fans of the community can follow when the hunt begins, and even offer certain slots for the future Bonus Hunt.
You can learn a lot by following various online casino stream channels. You can watch new live videos daily and improve your gambling strategy. You can find many exciting and fun streaming videos on casino stream channels on Twitch and YouTube.

After reading how entertaining Bonus Hunt is, you might be wondering: “How come streamers get all the fun”? The thing is, by playing slots, online casino streamers also promote various online casino rooms. For that, they get special permissions in different casino sites, including delaying game rounds and making entertainment with Bonus Hunt.
If you ask whether you can play Bonus Hunt yourself, or not, the short answer would be – yes. But there is one condition – you cannot use bonus money.

First of all most of the online casinos forbid playing Bonus Hunt with an active bonus.That means that until you meet the wagering requirement for that bonus, you are not permitted to delay game rounds and have fun with Bonus Hunt. You can always save that disappointing part by double-check this restriction and checking the terms and conditions on a particular online casino site. There should be an entry saying something like: “Delaying any game round while you have free spins or bonus features still available is prohibited.”
On the other side, if you have decided to try Bonus Hunt without any active bonus, you are always welcome to do that in most of the casinos. Just in case, we always recommend checking the terms and conditions, because some casino operators don’t see Bonus Hunt as a very charming activity and forbid its practice.

And finally the bid question: “How exactly does Bonus Hunt work”? Actually, playing Bonus Hunt is a piece of cake. All you need to do is just follow these simple steps:

-Choose a slot machine game that has a bonus offer with free spins.
-Play a slot game until a bonus feature appears.
-Right before the bonus feature starts – exit the game.
-Open another game and repeat the steps above.
-Continue until you decide that’s enough or your balance reaches a low limit.

Thegeneral idea is to save all unopened bonus features and unleash them one by one comparing what every different free spin brings. By playing Bonus Hunt, you can challenge your curiosity by checking how many bonuses you can get with a certain amount of money. And also, you will get a chance to play different online slot games at a time instead of spinning the same reels over and over. Bonus Hunt doesn’t have any impact on outcomes or odds. It delivers one thing only – a special kind of excitement.
Remember – checking the volatility of the slot game can be useful. By playing low volatile slots, you can expect bonus features more often.
It is good to know that some of the online slots manufacturers prevent delaying rounds on their games. When you play online slots from providers like Novomatic, Yggdrasil, or Red Tiger, you won’t be able to delay rounds and enjoy Bonus Hunt. So when you exit the game when the bonus function becomes activated, it will not be paused. If you win – all winnings will be added to your balance automatically.

In this article, you have learned about probably one of the most exciting way of playing online slots – Bonus Hunt. Most of the online casino streamers practice Bonus Hunt as it attracts many fans and gives lot of fun.
You also discovered how Bonus Hunt works and how online casinos see it from their perspective. Remember, no bonus funds are allowed to be used for Bonus Hunt.
Bonus Hunt is a perfect way to experiment with different slot machine games and make it more exciting.