Crazy Time Betting Strategy

No matter if you are a new or experienced player, it is always better to rely on a betting strategy to protect your money and have best entertainment of playing.

Crazy time is one of the newest live casino shows recently launched at the web. However there are already some popular strategies of playing that game, that you could get an idea from, how to play according to your personality and betting style.

First to know and of the most important things by team is Balance control. It is a crucial part of gambling and highly important when you play a game show such as Crazy. All the Live games launched by Evolution have a sneaky way of tearing down your balance quickly if you don’t have a strategy or high enough self-control.

So next Crazy Time types of playing are based on balancing, protection and lowering the risk to make sure that players will get enough playing time to make the strategy work and have fun.

The listed below strategies use Units to show the Crazy Time basic types of playing. So no exact balance or budget is going to be written. One Unit is up to you how big to be. The standard for that industry is to set 1 unit to 1% of your total balance. For example If you have a balance of 100€ and the unit is set to 1%, a unit will equal 1€.

Crazy Time has a convenient auto-spin function, so our recommendation for the number of the auto-spin to be 10 spins before you adjust your spins. This is one of the tested ways not to overspend.

The other important think before playing any game is to find out the goal. Of course that it depends on each player personality and could vary from just a way to spend time and relax to dreaming for big wins.

If your goal is only to have fun as long as possible, we recommend a strategy with low risk as the best for you. But if you dream big and don’t accept the small payouts, a high risk one is definitely your strategy.

We mentioned that the balance between risk and safety is essential when it comes to the goal of playing. The reason for that is because higher volatility strategies are more risky, while lower volatility means more safety. This is due to the difference in the frequency of smaller payouts.

Here’s listed a quick overview of the game specific features to the Crazy Time game show:

  • The RTP of this game varies between 94.41% to 96.08%, depending on segments wagered on.
  • There are 8 different type of sections that players can place bets on. One player can place a bet on all sections.
  • 50% of the sections are taken by the numbers 1, 2, 5 and 10. Landing the wheel on one of these sectors returns the original stake + a 1, 2, 5 or 10x multiplier.
  • The other half of these sections are taken by the 4 different bonus games: Cash Hunt; Coin Flip; Pachinko and Crazy Time.
  • Each game round starts with a slot spinning randomly where the goal is to align a segment with a multiplier before the wheel is spun.
  • So to find the best strategy that suits you best is good to know not only the basic rules, but also the RTP, Odds, & Payouts of Crazy Time. Here is an official statistic for return to Player percentages:
  • Segment 1 has an RTP of 96.08%
  • Segment 2 has an RTP of 95.95%
  • Segment 5 has an RTP of 95.78%
  • Segment 10 has an RTP of 95.73%
  • Pachinko RTP = 94.33%
  • Cash Hunt RTP = 95.27%
  • Coin Flip RTP = 95.70%
  • Crazy Time RTP = 94.41%


Crazy Time Odds:

  • 37,01% chance of stopping on 1 (20 segments)
  • 25.91% chance of stopping on 2 (14 segments)
  • 12.96% chance of stopping on 5 (7 segments)
  • 7.4% chance of stopping on 10 (4 segments)
  • 7.4% chance of stopping on “Coin Flip” (4 segments)
  • 3.7% chance of stopping on “Pachinko” (2 segments)
  • 3.7% chance of stopping on “Cash Hunt” (2 segments)
  • 1.85% chance of stopping on “Crazy Time” (1 segment)

The decision of how big bet a player to make should depend on the Payouts. The payouts in Crazy Time depends on whether or not you land on a segment that has an active multiplier, and potential multipliers applied in bonus games. The numbered fields, however, always pays 10:1, 5:1, 2:1 or 1:1

So knowing the basics you could take a look at the best strategies how to play Crazy Time.

If you have some experience from playing other casino games, you are probably used to have just one strategy being superior to any other strategy. However, with live game shows and especially Crazy Time Live, there are different strategies to use, all arguing to be the best.

So it depends on all listed above – what your goal is. If you have skipped down to this section, we highly recommend you to take more attention to that part before you go ahead and pick up your strategy.

The listed below different strategies are based on Math, Statistics and thousands of spins in personal experience to make sure they indeed are the best tested ones on Crazy Time Live.

We thought that it will be even more useful to show you examples in the tables so you will see how many units to bet on each segment, the potential win and how much of the wheel you have covered.


This could easily be defined as both a long and a short game strategy, but those of you who love to really pit your wits against the wheel might enjoy it.
All the games goes hot and cold at some point, so we suggest you to use the history tab on the game and look at the last 60 spins of the wheel. Statistics allows you to see how the average we mentioned is playing out in real time. 
If the bonuses are hitting more frequently than every 6 spins, then it would be considered a good strategy to structure your bets around the bonus segments every 3 to 4 spins, or whatever the current average may work out at.
Alternatively, if the average is above 6 then it would be the smart choice to hold off for as long as you can and then place bets on each bonus segment. Of course never forget the patience. If you can wait for a string of results where a bonus didn’t land for up to 10 or 15 spins, then this would be a strategy that could quite easily pay off.


It is completely impossible talking about betting strategies without mentioning the Martingale system. The number might be countless in all other techniques that players have used on games like Roulette, but the Martingale is one of the most popular and used.

Bringing this strategy to Crazy Time requires two things: a big enough playing balance and nerves of steel!
This strategy requires you to place a bet on all 4 bonus segments, let’s say with a starting bet of 0.50€ each, so a total bet of 2€.

If a bonus lands on the wheel from this initial bet then you would play that out and start the process again. If however a bonus doesn’t land then you would need to double the amount that you stake on each bonus segment. This would mean a 1€ stake across the 4 segments, which would equal a total bet of 4€.
Another losing spin would mean that you would need to double up the bets again, so 2€ on each with a total of 8€ staked.

So sticking to that strategy and working it out on the average of a bonus every 6 spins would look like this:

1st round – 0.50€ on each segment: 2€ staked – Total loss 2€.
2nd round – 1€ on each segment: 4€ staked – Total running loss 6€.
3rd round – 2€ on each segment: 8€ staked – Total running loss 14€.
4th round – 4€ on each segment: 16€ staked – Total running loss 30€.
5th round – 8€ on each segment: 32€ staked – Total running loss 62€.
6th round – 16€ on each segment: 64€ staked – bonus won after a total of 126€ staked.

You can see how this strategy might soon become very expensive and melt your balance. It’s certainly not one for the most loved, especially if you start going 10+ spins without a bonus. But according to our experience and example above working only on the average of a bonus every 6 spins, you would be playing a bonus round with a stake of 16€. This would mean that anything over 8x during the awarded bonus is a profit. 


Cash Hunt1Random3,7%
Coin Flip1Random7,4%
Crazy Time000%

The lowest volatility strategy is based on the idea of keeping the balance while hoping to hit either Cash Hunt or Coin Flip to increase it.
As 87% of the wheel is covered, your hit-rate will be naturally high, while most of the hits will count as a cashback on your original wager.
This strategy suits a player who prefer to sit back and relax while extending the playing time. The potential of big wins insist, but as you only have a small stake on 2 out of the four bonus rounds, it will be far in the future.


Cash Hunt1Random3,7%
Coin Flip1Random7,4%
Crazy Time000%

This is another strategy based on the idea of still providing more safety than risk. The low volatility strategy is a little bit different from the lowest volatility strategy by covering less of the wheel segments then adding units to the bonus round. The possibility of hit is approximately 3 out of 4 spins.
Although it covers less of the original stake in the ground game, the potential of winning big is increased.


Cash Hunt2Random3,7%
Coin Flip2Random7,4%
Crazy Time000%

That strategy is one of the most common strategy in Crazy Time Live. Covering 62.96% of the wheel, gives the chance to hit more often than not while giving yourself a decent chance of winning big.
We recommend it as the most entertaining way that gives players a decent balance between playing time and real wins. Compared to the other strategies with lower risk, you can see that more of the stake has been moved to the segments with a higher value.
That type of betting is highly recommended to new players so that they start with a lower risk strategy and improve to the medium risk as they learn how it works.


Cash Hunt2,5Random3,7%
Coin Flip2,5Random7,4%
Crazy Time000%

Talking about progress there we are at the next level of the risk ladder with this strategy. For all experienced players comfortable with how Crazy Time Live works, this is exactly their way as the fun starts wright here.
Almost at 50%, you will see wins approximately every second spin on average with this strategy. We have added a higher potential of big wins and given you the possibility to win a bit bigger in the base game.
The removed segment one from this is because it doesn’t fit the scheme of a high-risk strategy.


Cash Hunt2,5Random3,7%
Coin Flip2,5Random7,4%
Crazy Time2,5Random1,9%

Highest risk strategy is based on removed all the small wins and added maximum potential of big wins. This strategy fits the player who likes to chase big payouts and of course can afford that.
To pull this strategy off, you need to feel comfortable with dry spells. Different from all the other strategies, this one covers all the bonus segments, giving you all the four segments with a really high potential.


For those of you who watch casino streamers playing game shows such as Crazy Time Live might be curious why the strategy they use is not in our top list for best strategies. The reason is the goal of playing.

There is a bit difference between regular gamers playing to entertain themselves and a casino streamer who is playing to entertain others. Most viewers of these streams watch them because they want to see huge winnings and spend a good time. This is why they play with a different strategy so its risk could only be recommended to very few people.

Anyway there are some good reasons to have their style of betting and in now we are about to break down the secrets about how to make a streamer strategy successful on Crazy Time Live.

So here’s the strategy itself:

Cash Hunt2,5Random3,7%
Coin Flip2,5Random7,4%
Crazy Time2,5Random1,9%

What exactly makes this strategy a such a huge success? Of course the goal. The streamer‘s goal is to entertain the audience and create live show moments. In other words that is the big enough number and of course amount of wins to build a video library and draw a crowd. Although this is difficult to attach to most of us that strategy can be compared to the daydreams of most people of hitting the real jackpot.

We believe that some players might be chasing that big life-changing win. But there is a road to walk and making this success, starts with taking a self-assessment test with your online casino. Make sure you are well prepared of what might happen and don’t show any signs of unhealthy behavior before you start playing.

The other important part before taking the decision of following that strategy is of course having a decent balance. Streamers often have the advantage of streamer bonuses given by the online casinos they play at. These are large deposit bonuses with a wagering requirement connected to them. In many ways, they have nothing to lose because the bonus doesn’t really belong to them before the wagering is done anyway.

Even though you and I can stumble upon deposit bonuses from time to time, this isn’t a benefit you and I have. In other words, you need to make sure you can afford to lose some big money while waiting for that big win.

So if are not playing with sponsored money and have anyway decided try it, the other unchangeable require than to one to able to afford it is a lot of patience. Watching the streams you can easily get the impression that the big streamer wins stack up on a daily basis. That of course is not the whole picture. You should be prepared that It might take hours, days, and weeks in thousands of spins before a big win. We can assure you that it is absolutely amazing when you first hit, and it is very much possible to go on a streak. It’s just very important for us to mention that you should be prepares not to expect the big win every time you play.

So going through the most important and basic knowledge of Crazy Time you might come to the normal question Why to use a strategy in general?! For most high experienced live casino player, this is bit obvious. One of the most common reasons that online casinos around the world are so profitable is the fact itself that not enough players are using proper betting strategies.

One of the best examples we have is blackjack where a good strategy should return over 99% to the players. Even though the official statistics shows that most casinos make around 15% profit, making it obvious that it is not a very smart idea to play without a strategy.

So we at believe that is really important to understand why a strategy is so important. And making that possible we need you to understand what RTP is. RTP (Return to Player Percentage) is calculated over at least one billion spins and is an average. That means some players will lose more than 3.67% of their balance while others will end up winning money. So the first thing you should understand is that you won’t or at least shouldn’t play 1 billion spins in a row. The other important is of course being temporary lucky is impossible. When you break those 1 billion spins into 5-10-20-50-100 and so on spins at a time, you can be lucky and get an RTP above 100%, which is obvious in the thousands of videos showing big wins of Crazy Time.

But before the time you hit that lucky streak, be sure that you have kept your balance or at least not lost too much. And that’s the point where the best strategies for Crazy Time start.


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